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Wednesday Vegan Eats for Vegan Weight Loss

I’m kicking off vegan weight loss Wednesday with some what of a kicker. Enjoy!

5:09 am: get out of bed, get ready for gym, go to gym

5:14am: turn around and head back home because coolant level in car is low and you’re afraid it will blow up.

So, my morning didn’t go as planned. Did your highly orchestrated mornings ever just hit the fan? Instead of it letting me get me down, I came home, showered, made a latte and took gratitude.

Let’s Get Personal

During my shower and my gratitude, I thought back to the other night when I had a fit of digital organization. I went through my USB sticks and found one with files from 2008. They were weight loss plans with meals, schedules, and a weight tracker. It was so humbling to see that I struggled so much just 10 years ago with my weight but I am 30 lbs. less than I weighed then. It was all of those files that put me at ease today, because today, I don’t do that! I truly enjoy each day, and realize that the more strict you are on yourself, the less realistic a plan it is.

So take my failed attempt at a morning workout as a sign that hey, ish happens. Recalibrate, move on!

6:00am: be grateful, blog this and read.

7:00am: get ready for work and to drop the husband off.

Fast Forward to Lunch

Healthy Vegan Thai Salad. Is this a recipe you guys would like to see? Let me know!

Unfortunately my job keeps me busy enough that I often have to multi-task so lunch at my desk it was.

Fast forward to dinner. I’m ashamed to say it was cereal. That busy hustlin’ life I guess!

Question of the Day

What tips do you guys have to help you be more mindful?