About VCF

Do you ever look at a tube of mascara and wonder if it was tested on animals? Or maybe some of your favorite cereal and wonder if it was made with animal ingredients? Well that’s just why I created VeganCrueltyFree.com (VCF)! From beauty to nutrition and fashion to home furnishings, VCF makes it way easier to transition into a vegan lifestyle or just straight up live it up, vegan and cruelty free style!

About Samantha

I became a vegetarian in 2007 and in January 2015, transitioned into being vegan. I won’t lie. It was hard. I loved yogurt–the whole milk, full fat slurp it up type of yogurt. We used to eat yogurt with every meal growing up–if you’re South Indian, you get it. But once I realized how not just eating, but the simple act of buying yogurt affects agriculture and the economy, it became so much easier to buy plant-based foods that are dang good for you.

As a former designer-obsessed fashionista, I began to feel guilty for owning luxury leather goods and high-end skincare (the majority of which tests on animals–ew!). So I started Googling, and searching, hardcore, to find affordable brands that felt just as passionate about saving the planet as I do. Month after month I tried and continue to try new goods, foods and other things when I realized, it’s just rude to keep this information all to myself. So, here we are. Welcome to vegancrueltyfree.com, you’re soon-to-be #1 resource for all things vegan and cruelty free.