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Healthy Deodorant

UPDATE: I’ve since learned that Native Deoderant is not vegan, because it contains beeswax. Depending on your restrictions, you may or may not care for that ingredient, but just a heads up.

Healthy deodorant is so hard to come by. There are the ones that are aluminum-free that last for a good three minutes before I have to re-apply or find myself fanning the sweat out of my armpits–not the best look at your job interview.

Now can go into your interview with your game face on AND smell good with my favorite deodorant of all time. I tried some from Tom’s, Lavanila and other cruelty-free and vegan brands and this is by far the best one. Native Cosmetics even has deodorant for those with sensitive skin.

Native Deoderant

In my experience, it lasts 3X longer. I usually sweat just sitting in one place and find that I don’t have to reapply until I get home and shower or until the next day. But like all the other healthy ones, this is also aluminum-free and their awesome scents last almost all day long. I often catch myself thinking, man what smells so good? It’s me guys. It’s me. Do yourself a favor and order. Best of all, you’re supporting a small-business.

Native D Packaging

You can order here! #notsponsored but let them know I sent you! What is your favorite deodorant? Some work different on others, so maybe Tom’s or Lavanila IS your favorite! Unfortunately, they stunk for me, pun intended.

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  1. Native Deodorant is NOT VEGAN as it contains beeswax. Please stop telling people it is. A lot of people have referred to your site stating it’s vegan and don’t bother to read the ingredients. Not cool.


    1. Hey Christy–thanks for the note! I obviously did not know that, otherwise I would’ve have said it was! I’ll go ahead and edit the post accordingly. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for reading!

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  2. Bummed that it’s not vegan. I am one of those people that bought it thinking it was, and it does work really well. I have recently gone vegan after being vegetarian and against animal testing for years, and I’d rather not use a non-vegan deodorant. I contacted the company to ask if they would consider making a vegan one, but all they said was, “At this time, all of our deodorants include beeswax”. Pity. I’m sure a vegan one would sell well if they decided to make it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I totally agree. Have you tried others? I’m so bummed too and I’m so sorry if I mislead you! I’m now on a hunt to find one that works just as well, but is vegan. Stay tuned! The search continues…

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